Elden Ring’s sprawling and hauntingly beautiful world is easily one of the most well-realized settings we’ve seen in an open-world game. If you spent dozens of hours in the Lands Between, you already know it’s the type of video-game world that you want to stop and admire. As such, it makes sense that Elden Ring’s world will soon fill the pages of an official art book. The two-volume set is available to preorder now at Amazon ahead of its July 25 release.

Preorder at Amazon (Vol 1)
Preorder at Amazon (Vol 2)

Each volume is being sold individually with an MSRP of $60. Right now, Amazon is selling preorders for $54 each. It’s worth noting that art books often receive even steeper discounts closer to release. If you order now, you’ll get the lowest price offered until your order ships. We wouldn’t be surprised to see preorders sell out, so Elden Ring fans may want to secure their preorders soon.

Elden Ring - Official Art Book
Elden Ring – Official Art Book

Together, the two-volume set eclipses 800 pages. The hardcover books feature unique cover art and were translated from Japanese to English.

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