It’s hard to believe that Elden Ring’s launch–and the fervor that came with it–was a year ago, but Bandai Namco is celebrating the first anniversary of the game with an infographic revealing some of the first year’s most impressive statistics.

Elden Ring players have died more than 9 billion times according to Bandai Namco’s records, with 69% of those deaths coming from enemies or NPC. 15% of deaths were due to status effects, 14% from falling, and only 2% of player deaths were caused by other players.

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Players have also attempted nearly six billion boss battles in the first year, with Malenia, Blade of Miquella receiving the most attempts at 329 million. Margit The Fell Omen ranks second with 281 million, followed by Limgrave Tree Sentinel at 277 million, Radagon of the Golden Order at 148 million, and Starscourge Radahn at 139 million.

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