A new game in the Enter the Gungeon series is arriving soon, but you’ll need either several thousand dollars to play it at home or a few quarters to enjoy several sessions with it. House of the Gundead, the first arcade venture from Devolver Digital, will be rolling out to several arcades soon and combines the signature pixel art of Enter the Gungeon with the rapid-fire action of a lightgun game.

Designed by arcade game developer Griffin Aerotech in collaboration with Enter the Gungeon’s creators at Dodge Roll, the $5,900 arcade cabinet is equipped with a 43-inch UHD display, two lightguns, and impressive artwork all over the unit. The game itself features procedurally generated floors protected by the Cult of the Gundead, plenty of weapons to collect, and hidden secrets in each level to uncover.

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As an added touch, the Sinden lightguns have haptic feedback features that work in concert with the cabinet’s 2.1 surround system, so you’ll be able to experience a classic shooter adventure with a few modern touches. If you’re looking to try the game out, you visit the following locations where House of the Gundead will be available first:

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