It’s never too late to do some good in the world, and at Fanatical, you can help out a charity and get some great games in return. The Fanatical Safe In Our World Charity Bundle is now live, and this year you can get almost $500 worth of PC games for just $15. All of these games can be redeemed on Steam, and the highlights include GOTY contenders, skateboarding bliss, and a cat cafe simulator for when you need a cozy break from reality.

This year’s charity bundle aims to raise awareness of mental health issues within the video games industry, while also providing people within the industry with tools and help. The bundle starts at $15, but you can also pay more if you want to support this cause further.

Fanatical Safe In Our World Charity Bundle

See on Fanatical
  • OlliOlli World (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Vampire Survivors (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Gylt (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Mask of the Rose (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Zool Redimensioned (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Kao the Kangaroo (Steam Deck Playable)
  • My Friend Peppa Pig (Steam Deck Verified)
  • PAW Patrol: On a Roll (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Gigantosaurus: Dino Kart
  • Arcade Paradise (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Say No! More (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Qomp
  • Akka Arrh
  • Caverns of Mars: Recharged (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Centipede: Recharged
  • Breakout: Recharged (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Mr. Run and Jump
  • Stick Fight: The Game (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Filthy Animals: Heist Simulator
  • Kitaria Fables (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Stirring Abyss
  • Homestead Arcana (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Calico (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Minute of Islands (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Mechs and Mercs: Black Talons

For the games, the big highlights here include OlliOlliWorld and Vampire Survivors. OlliOlliWorld is a superb skateboarding adventure from Roll7, and within the world of Radlandia, you’ll learn how to perform tricks with style as you skate, grind, and catch some air in your quest to find the Skate Gods. Vampire Survivors is a hypnotic survival game where you have to fend off legions of zombies, werewolves, and other monsters while you slowly grow more powerful. You might struggle at first, but once you’ve sunk your fangs into it, you’ll become a roving bullet-hell of projectiles, garlic forcefields, and blades against the thousands of creatures looking to take you down.

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