Fanatical has kicked off its Black Friday sale, and for PC gamers, there are plenty of bargains available on the site. Each game is sold as a Steam code that can be redeemed on that storefront, and Fanatical is offering big discounts on several recent releases. Plenty of other modern titles are also up for grabs, and with several remasters alongside retro collections, this sale casts a wide net that’s sure to grab your attention.

Some of the highlights here include Neon White, a devilish game about speed, marksmanship, and forging relationships in the afterlife. Normally $25, this fast-paced action is down to $14.50 on Fanatical. Another great title here is Resident Evil Village, a spooky journey full of chills and thrills for $16.75. Even better, this is the gold edition of the game that throws in the Winters expansion and additional DLC. Resident Evil 4’s remake is a 10/10 game that should not be missed, and Starfield is a solid odyssey across the stars from Bethesda Game Studios.

For some quick hits that cost the same as a hot cup of coffee, there are some gems here to look at. Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered is still a very good game with a very silly title, but for less than $4, you’re getting a pretty fun Martian vacation that allows you to wreck the red planet with an assortment of cool sci-fi weaponry. Gorogoa is a wonderful game to test your mental might with, as it combines elegant illustrations with visual riddles, Vanquish is still an all-time action classic, and A Little to the Left is perfect for anyone who appreciates the feeling of satisfaction that comes with perfectly completing a puzzle.

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