Fanatical’s Platinum Collection build-your-own bundle deal for October 2023 is now live. The deal lets you select from a list of 16 games to create your bundle of three games $10, five games for $15, or seven games for $20.

Build your bundle at Fanatical

The list of options is varied, with RPGs, strategy games, survival horror titles, and more on offer. Some notable choices include Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic open-world RPG Fallout 4 and the acclaimed city-managing strategy game Frostpunk.

Since it’s October, there are a few Halloween-worthy titles to pick from, including the horror-action shooter The Evil Within 2, the whimsical adventure game Wytchwood, and the creepy RPG Pathologic 2, which mixes role-playing and survival horror mechanics with open-ended immersive sim problem-solving.

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