Final Fantasy 16 is easily one of the boldest entries in the long-running Square Enix franchise, and in case you missed it when it was released earlier this year, this Black Friday special offers the game at its best price yet. Available for only $35 at Amazon–a price-match of Walmart’s already-sold out deal–Final Fantasy 16 is one of the best games of the year on PS5.

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While every Final Fantasy game is different, Final Fantasy 16 takes the RPG roots of the series and injects a healthy dose of action into its design. The result feels like a mix between the action-packed spectacle of Devil May Cry and the RPG elements of older Final Fantasy games as you use a combination of swords and sorcery to defeat powerful foes.

This is also one of the darkest Final Fantasy entries, a game that wastes no time in setting up its stale of warring kingdoms, bustling slave trades, and cutthroat politics. All of this is seen through the eyes of Clive Rosfield, the protagonist who players will guide across a story that spans decades and charts his quest to bring balance back to a world that is in disarray. Don’t worry if that sounds too much like Game of Thrones, because unlike that HBO series, Final Fantasy 16 has stunning boss fights between the Godzilla-sized Eikons that you’ll encounter.

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