Ahead of the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth next week, Square Enix has updated the demo for the game with a new playable section. While the first part of the demo was focused on the infamous Nibelheim incident–recreated almost shot-for-shot in Rebirth–this update will allow you to explore some of the expanded area around Junon.

This is a fairly large size of digital terrain to cover and is accessible once the Nibelheim episode has been completed. You’ll be able to roam around this section, take on monsters roaming the frontier, and even battle more challenging beasts. Junon also has a mission available to take on, to give you a better taste of what to expect from the full game. Square Enix did add that the area in the demo has been significantly altered to make the content more compact, and in the full game, the experience will be greatly expanded with more monsters, missions, and secrets to find.

You can claim a few bonuses from the demo if you purchase Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, as you’ll be able to equip some helpful charms in the full game. Progress also carries over, so you can choose to skip the Nibelheim episode. This update will also introduce some technical tweaks, as Square Enix says visual fidelity in Performance has been improved. While this mode offers a more dynamic resolution so it can reach a targeted 60 frames-per-second, players have noted that the game looks visually muddier with this setting applied. A Quality Mode offering a native 4K resolution is also available, but it runs at 30fps.

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