Two minutes of previously unseen Final Fantasy XVI footage emerged online recently, and fans have dredged through it. And though some have criticized the upcoming game for looking too distinct from other series entries, these eagle-eyed fans have uncovered a number of apparent references to other FF games.

The below thread compiled by Twitter user MKH13Omasters shows off the various references, and they range from very compelling to a bit of a reach. For example, several fans pointed out that the game’s battle theme has certain similarities to a song from Final Fantasy 8 titled Don’t Be Afraid.

Several of the other apparent references cite similarities in imagery from game to game. For example, the top tweet posits that one screenshot is a reference to the original Final Fantasy’s title screen. Another shows off a short video of a glittering blue crystal. You could argue that these motifs appear not just in Final Fantasy, but in broader media, but it’s clear that developer Square Enix has made an attempt to remind fans that XVI is a Final Fantasy game after all. We recently learned that the game is nearly 80 hours long. We also now know that the PC version of the game won’t launch until six months after the PS5 version.

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