Poketsume, the live-action Japanese drama based on the Pokemon series, just got its first trailer. The publisher posted the video to Twitter today with the announcement that the series would debut on October 19.

As per Serebii, Poketsume isn’t set in reality in the same way that the Detective Pikachu movie is. It doesn’t reimagine how the Pokemon world would look in real life. Instead, it tells the story of a Japanese office worker who gains inspiration from her adventures in Pokemon Red.

Madoka Akagi used to play Pokemon Red with her siblings growing up in the Kanto region. Twenty years later, she moved to Tokyo to work at an advertising agency called ADventure. However, the job isn’t what she thought it’d be, and she’s eventually assigned a stressful project that could affect the fate of the company. It’s at this moment that she receives a care package from her mom, including her old Game Boy Pocket and Pokemon Red. She realizes that there’s more overlap between her Pokemon adventure and real life than she originally thought.

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