Fortnitemares is back in Fortnite, giving the battle royale island a spooky makeover. This includes new zombie road signs you can find in different locations across the landscape. If you want to assist in destroying zombie road signs so you can complete the related challenge and earn XP, here’s where you need to look.

Where to find zombie road signs in Fortnite

Unlike most location-based quests in Fortnite these days, the game doesn’t tell you where to find zombie road signs when you look in the quest menu and on the map. That’s because they move around a bit with each round. However, there are some places you’re better off searching for zombie road signs, which we’ve listed below.

  • The roads surrounding Frenzy Fields
  • The orange and autumnal region in the northwest corner of the island
  • The roads surrounding Shattered Slabs
Bumper sticker idea: I brake for the undead.
Bumper sticker idea: I brake for the undead.

Essentially, the orange- and yellow-colored biome is going to be your best bet, perhaps because it looks most like the harvest season that hosts Halloween. Not every street sign you come across will be a zombie road sign, though we found three out of the first four were in our experience when traveling along the road south of Frenzy Fields.

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