Fortnite is well-known for its crossovers with massive media franchises, and it seems that anime fans are about to get their turn. According to two reliable leakers, the next Fortnite season will be a crossover with hit anime Attack on Titan.

The two leakers who provided this information, Hypex and Shiina, are two of the most noted names in Fortnite leaking, having broken many big stories in the past. The leakers also claim that the secret skin for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 will be Eren Yeager, who is the main hero of Attack On Titan. This is far from Fortnite’s first dalliance with the world of anime, having crossed over with big names like Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, and the first to make its way to the game, Naruto.

While it’s not known for sure, all in-game indications point to Chapter 4 Season 1 ending on March 8, which would usually mean that Season 2 will begin March 10. A note on the quest tab seemed to confirm this, stating that a looping encrypted message reads “” Hypex previously used ChatGPT to solve a simple substitution cipher that teased the upcoming season, which read “CRACK THE CODE.”

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