Fortnite has had vaults for a while now, but each season tends to move the locations around and change how you obtain the keycards needed for opening them. Chapter 4 Season 2 has done this once again, requiring you to take down a boss to earn a keycard and get your hands on that sweet loot. Here are all of the vault locations in Chapter 4 Season 2 and how to open them.

How to open vaults in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Opening vaults in Chapter 4 Season 2 will require you to get your hands on a Vault Keycard–except for the one on Loot Island, which just requires you to use two standard keys. The Vault Keycard only drops from defeating the seasonal boss Highcard. He spawns near the vault locations we’ve listed below and is relatively easy to defeat so long as you come prepared with full shields and a decent stock of ammo.

When Highcard goes down, loot the Vault Keycard from him.
When Highcard goes down, loot the Vault Keycard from him.

When you’ve obtained the Vault Keycard, you’ll be able to head over to the nearby vault, which will contain a wide variety of healing items, high-tier weapons, and more. If you can’t find the vault, simply equip the keycard and the game will direct where to go. This will usually mean you’ll have a great opportunity to pick up the new Mythic version of the Havoc Pump Shotgun, which is an extremely powerful weapon to have at your disposal–especially when paired with Highcard’s Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle, which you likely already snagged from defeating the boss.

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