As with most major updates, Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 has brought with it a substantial list of changes to the battle royale map, including all-new locations based on Greek mythology, such as Mount Olympus and the Underworld. It’s in these exciting new spots that you can find Olympus Chests and Underworld Chests, which sport a significant chance of dropping high-tier weapons and loot. They also provide the best method of rounding up the new Wings of Icarus and Thunderbolt of Zeus items that can drastically change the way you approach navigation and battles, so make sure to follow our guide below for where to find Olympus Chests and Underworld Chests.

Where to find Olympus Chests in Fortnite

Olympus Chests exclusively spawn at Mount Olympus and Brawler’s Battleground. The below map shows all of the potential spawn points, but note that not every spot will have an Olympus Chest in every match and some may prove to only be a standard chest, or no chest at all. The only guaranteed spawn for an Olympus Chest is the eastern-most chest in Mount Olympus located atop the building where the boss battle against Zeus takes place.

All Olympus Chest locations
All Olympus Chest locations

Where to find Underworld Chests in Fortnite

Underworld Chests spawn exclusively in the Underworld and Grim Gate. The below map shows all of the potential spawn locations, but as with Olympus Chests, these locations may or may not contain an Underworld Chest in each match and may just have a standard chest instead. However, you can find a guaranteed Underworld Chest spawn at the easternmost spawn in the Underworld.

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