Fortnite has allowed you to hire NPCs for quite a while, but since the introduction of the Spring Breakout Event, the game has introduced hired specialists. Each of these unique NPCs has their own ability that can aid you in battle, such as healing you with splashes or dropping you ammo, making them a valuable addition to your roster. Even more, you can boss them around a bit. Whether you’re looking to complete a challenge or just want to know how to give a hired specialist a command to help you out, we’ll tell you how here.

How to give a hired specialist a command in Fortnite

The obvious first step here is to, well, hire a specialist. There are plenty of spots around the map that feature a specialist you can recruit, so take a look at who you’d like to bring along, land near them, and hire them onto your team. Not all NPCs are Specialists, so you’ll want to refer to our NPC locations guide and hire one of the eight at the following locations:

  • Garrison – In the southwest corner of the island
  • Longshot – In the tower on the western coast, west of The Citadel
  • Polar Patroller – On the frozen lake west of Brutal Bastion
  • Remedy – In the tower southwest of Slappy Shores
  • Triage Trooper – Southeast of Lonely Labs
  • Sludge – Steamy Springs
  • Munitions Expert – Breakwater Bay
  • Insight -In the snow northwest of Brutal Bastion
This wheel contains your follower comms.
This wheel contains your follower comms.

Once you’ve got a hired specialist into your squad, look just under your name and health bar on your UI (top left) to spot a button you can press to bring up a command menu. Each platform uses a different button, but it always does the same thing.

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