With the first season of her Disney+ series ending next week, Ahsoka is Force-jumping into a different spotlight: Fortnite. We already knew the Star Wars hero would join the game’s massive roster this season thanks to the Chapter 4 Season 4 battle pass details, but what we didn’t know until now is that her arrival would be marked by another Star Wars makeover across the battle royale island.

Like some Jedi and Sith characters before her, Ahsoka will appear on the island as an NPC and offer players Jedi training, which plucks them off the map for a brief moment, only to return them equipped with a white lightsaber and Force abilities. The Force abilities allow you to jump higher, sprint faster, and push objects and enemies away with tremendous, uh, force.

Ahsoka's loading screen can be unlocked via her quests.
Ahsoka’s loading screen can be unlocked via her quests.

This feature was first introduced earlier this year, so we should expect to see Fortnite re-visit this cool feature whenever Star Wars festivities are happening.

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