In the mood for a surprise? Head over to Fanatical, where you can pick up 10 mystery games for just $7. All titles are redeemable on Steam, making this a great way to add a few unique titles to your library as we head into spring.

See at Fanatical

There’s no telling exactly what will be in your bundle, though Fanatical says it offers “over 200 games from the most popular gaming genres” and the selection pulls from “highly-rated AAA and indie titles.” If you’d rather not drop $7 on 10 games, Fanatical lets you adjust the bundle all the way down to a single mystery game for $1. All bundles also come with a free 5% off voucher for your next purchase. You’ll save the most when opting for the full 10-game bundle, but here’s a closer look at all the tiers available.

Spring Mystery Bundle

  • 10 Mystery Keys — $6.99
  • 9 Mystery Keys — $6.59
  • 8 Mystery Keys — $6.09
  • 7 Mystery Keys — $5.55
  • 6 Mystery Keys — $4.99
  • 5 Mystery Keys — $4.39
  • 4 Mystery Keys — $3.59
  • 3 Mystery Keys — $2.79
  • 2 Mystery Keys — $1.89
  • 1 Mystery Key — $1.00

Best of all, there’s a chance that one of the mystery games will actually be a Best of 2023 pack. 10 of these are up for grabs, and they contain six big-name games, including Atomic Heart, Returnal, Like a Dragon: Ishin, and Resident Evil 4. All told, that’s more than $300 worth of content–so if you’re feeling lucky, picking up this mystery bundle could be a great way to snag a bunch of great games for cheap.

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