Fanatical has several video game bundles available at any given moment, but for something a little different, you can check out this new bundle deal on digital manga volumes. Comic books from Japan, these manga compilations from publisher Kodansha encompass a wide range of genres and this deal will fill your library up pretty quickly with some excellent reading material.

Available in three tiers, you can spend $1 to unlock five digital manga volumes. You’ll get the first volumes of Knights of Sidonia, Pumpkin Scissors, Ghost in the Shell, Vinland Saga, and Basilisk, a deal valued at almost $60. Spend $10 and you’ll unlock the second tier alongside the first one, adding three volumes of Parasyte alongside more Vinland Saga, Knights of Sidonia, Pumpkin Scissors, and Ghost in the Shell collections.

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Manga Masters Bundle 2
Manga Masters Bundle 2

Finally, the $18 third tier gives you everything above and even more volumes of the manga series listed above. If you’re unfamiliar with these manga series, these are all top-rated series. Ghost in the Shell is a cyberpunk saga that was eventually adapted into what is widely considered to be one of the greatest anime films of all time, Vinland Saga is a Nordic tale of revenge full of action-packed art, and Basilisk is a ninja epic about shadowy warriors battling each other for ultimate power. Then there’s Knights of Sidonia, a cool sci-fi adventure set in a dark future where humanity has scattered across the stars after Earth was invaded by an unstoppable alien force.

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