If you’ve had your PS5 for a couple years, there’s a good chance you’re already running into storage issues, especially if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Thankfully, you can kit out your console with an additional internal SSD–and if you don’t want to break the bank, head over to Amazon and scoop up the Crucial P5 Plus 1TB SSD while it’s on sale for just $59 (down from $80).

With speeds up to 6,600MB/s, it offers performance, on paper, that should be virtually indistinguishable from the native PS5 SSD. Best of all, it comes with a limited five-year warranty, which should put your mind at ease knowing the manufacturer believes in the product’s longevity. It also boasts over two million MTTF (mean time to failure), indicating it’s a reliable drive that should last you years before encountering any issues. You can also use this SSD with compatible desktop PCs.

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