Looking to upgrade your PS5 storage capacity? Then today’s your lucky day, as Amazon has an incredible Lightning Deal on XPG NVMe SSDs, with several models down to incredibly low prices. The most notable deal is the XPG 1TB Gammix S70 Blade, just $70, down from its usual $130.

If you need more space, you’ll also find a 2TB Gammix model for $130 (down from $210) and a massive 4TB model for $330 (down from $480). All three are PS5-ready with heatsinks already attached.

Unlike upgrading the Xbox Series X SSD, which simply involves plugging in an expansion card to an input on the back of the console, the PS5 upgrade process is a bit more involved. Not only will you have to pop open the faceplate, but you’ll also need to remove a screw before gaining access to the SSD install location. It’s a pretty simply process–just be sure you know what you’re doing before you begin.

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