VPN subscriptions can quickly add up, as their monthly costs are often quite a bit more expensive than you’d expect. But if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to your current service (or are dipping your toes into the world of VPNs for the first time), consider checking out Atlas VPN. Right now, you can snag a two-year VPN plan for just $1.82/month, which comes to a grand total of just $49 for two years of service. You’ll also get three months free with your purchase, so you’ll get 27 months of access for only $49.

See deal at Atlas VPN

Cashing in on the deal is simple. Just head over to the Atlas VPN website, then click on the red button that says “Grab the deal.” This will automatically apply the promo code SUMMER to your order, bringing your price to just $1.82/month. Considering a standard one-month membership costs $12 and the one-year promotion is $39 right now, this two-year plan is a bargain.

Your order also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if things aren’t working as expected you can cancel the plan.

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