The DualSense Edge is a stellar pro-style controller. Offering tunable triggers, swappable sticks, mappable back buttons, and a premium build quality, it’s a perfect fit for anyone that wants full control over their favorite games. It’s a particularly great fit for competitive games like first-person shooters, as the ability to shorten the trigger actuation distance helps improve your response time. The only drawback to the gamepad is its $200 price tag. Antonline physical edition of Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut for PS5 with the purchase of the DualSense Edge.

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Aside from allowing you to change your trigger actuation distance, the DualSense Edge benefits from mappable back buttons, replaceable stick modules, changeable stick caps, the ability to save up to four control profiles, and a braided USB cable that can be locked in place so it doesn’t come loose during tense gaming sessions. It’s compatible with the official DualSense charging station (and a lot of third-party options)–so if you have one for your current DualSense, you won’t need to rush out and buy a new accessory.

Our DualSense Edge review found it to be a “very well-made, satisfyingly weightier controller that provides many of the bells and whistles that [we’d] want from a high-end controller.” It’s also incredibly well-built and should last the entire PS5 lifecycle if cared for properly.

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