Whether you’re a young professional, an avid traveler, or a student gearing up for another year of classes, just about everyone can benefit from a portable monitor. Reliable portable monitors often carry hefty price tags, but right now you can pick up a handful of portable monitors for cheap–including models from Asus and Innocn.

Best portable monitor deals

  • Arzopa 1080p 15.6-Inch Portable Monitor (60Hz) — $75 ($189)
  • Arzopa 1080p 15.6-Inch Portable Monitor (144Hz) — $130 ($190)
  • ASUS ZenScreen 1080p 15.6-Inch Portable Monitor — $120 ($150)
  • Arzopa 1080p 17-Inch Portable Monitor — $160 ($270)
  • ZSCMALLS 15.6-Inch Portable Monitor (Prime Only) — $80 ($130)
  • INNOCN 1080p 13.3-Inch OLED Portable Monitor (Prime Only) — $161 ($200)
  • InnoView 1080p 15.8-Inch Portable Monitor — $107 ($200)
  • ASUS 1080p 15.6-Inch ZenScreen OLED Portable Monitor — $350 ($400)

However, it’s Arzopa that has the lowest prices. The brand might not be as well-known as other companies churning out portable monitors–but they’re surprisingly reliable and offer decent specs for their price tag. That’s especially true of the Arzopa 1080p 15.6-Inch Portable Monitor, which is now just $75 (down from $189). Best of all, it supports all gaming consoles as well as mobile, making it easy to keep playing while away from home.

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If you want something a bit more powerful, you can step up to a similar Arzopa model that offers a 144Hz refresh rate, which is currently seeing a $60 discount. This particular model was designed with gaming in mind, so it’s a good pick if you plan on bringing your console with you on the go.

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