There’s no shortage of great Souls-likes to play right now, but few games combine the deadly challenge of that genre with all-out action like the Nioh games do. Right now, you can grab the definitive Nioh experience for just $30 on PS5 at Amazon and Best Buy. The Nioh Collection deal is being offered as part of PlayStation’s Back to School sale, which features the PS5 for $450 and DualSense controllers for $49 each.

The Nioh Collection
The Nioh Collection
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Developed by Team Ninja, The Nioh Collection includes remasters of the two games, all of their respective DLC, options for 4K and up to 120fps gameplay on supported displays. That’s a lot of content, which fleshes out the stories of these games with new fantastical elements, brutal bosses, and killer special abilities. These are tough but invigorating games, and while Nioh 2 is undeniably the most intimidating entry here, it also has some of the best DLC and most satisfying combat when you survive a dangerous encounter.

In case you missed them when they first came out, the original Nioh released in 2017 is a brutal odyssey through a dark fantasy version of Japan during its warring states period and it doesn’t pull any punches. Difficult but never disheartening, the first game has a lethal grace to its design that makes you feel like a samurai warrior when you master it.

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