Humble Choice consistently has some of the best monthly game lineups of any subscription service, and April 2023 is no different, offering eight high-rated AAA and indies to download and keep forever as part of your $12/month membership.

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Heading up the list is Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. This PC port of Hideo Kojima’s latest game features enhanced graphical options, gameplay changes, and tons of new content, though the story remains largely unchanged. Death Stranding is a strange game that only Kojima could direct, but the novel gameplay ideas and stellar art direction can be a joy to experience–assuming you click with (or at least tolerate) the overwrought story.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is the other tentpole title in this month’s Humble Choice lineup. This co-op multiplayer shooter set in the Alien franchise universe pits a squad of 1-3 players against hordes of Xenomorphs. Players customize their marines with unique classes and equip weapons and other gear they collect throughout the game’s numerous missions.

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