Humble’s new May Multiplayer Madness bundle offers up to seven PC games with online competitive or co-op multiplayer modes, including MMORPGs, strategy games, shooters, and more.

The bundle comes in two options–a three-game tier for $8 and a seven-game tier for $12. The $8 tier gets you three games, including the 4v4 multiplayer shooter Midnight Ghost Hunt, which pits a squad of ghost hunters against vengeful spirits. There’s also the RTS city-builder Northgard, and the open-world survival shooter Generation Zero.

Midnight Ghost Hunt, Northguard, and Generation Zero are also included in the $12 tier, along with four more multiplayer titles like the medieval MMORPG Gloria Victis. Gloria Victis is a sandbox MMO offering freeform character progression, a player-driven economy, and an emphasis on PvP and PvE warfare. This tier also includes the popular looter shooters Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Borderlands 3: Super Deluxe Edition, as well as the online co-op starship simulator Pulsar: Lost Colony, which lets up to five players team up for Star Trek-like adventures in a massive open galaxy.

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