Pokemon fans can score a terrific pocket monster for their collection, as Liko’s Sprigatito is now available to download for free in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. First debuting in the Pokemon: Horizons TV series, this version of the Grass-type starter Pokemon comes with the Partner Ribbon, a special Ribbon awarded to a Pokemon that was once partnered with another great trainer. To get Sprigatito, you can follow these steps:

Liko and Sprigatito
Liko and Sprigatito
  • Boot up your Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet game
  • Select Poke Portal on the X menu
  • Select Mystery Gift, then select Get with Code/Password to connect to the internet
  • Enter the password L1K0W1TH906
  • Be sure to save your game after the transfer is complete
  • This password expires on September 30, 2024

And there you go! In case you went with Quaxly or Fuecoco and you haven’t found a trading partner just yet in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, this new arrival will help you on the path toward a complete Pokedex. Sprigatito evolves into Floragato starting at level 16, and then evolves one more time into Meowscarada starting at level 36. It’s an adorable kitten in its base form, so feel free to equip it with an Everstone so that it can remain eternally cute.

In other Pokemon news, a new game in the franchise was recently unveiled. Pokemon Legends Z-A is the next entry in its Pokemon Legends series and will take players back to Lumiose City in Kalos from Pokemon X and Y. A new mobile app called Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is also in development, and is based on the popular collectible card game.

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