The Hori Split Pad Compact is one of the best Switch controllers of 2023. Offering a slim profile, ergonomic design, back triggers, and ultra-responsive buttons, few gamepads can compete with the Split Pad Compact. The officially licensed product just launch late last year, but right now you can find it discounted at Amazon for just $40, down from $50.

The back triggers are a particular standout, as they’re perfectly placed for easy access with your middle fingers–making this a solid choice for folks seeking a customizable controller with great ergonomics and a convenient design. And considering the product is down to just $40, now’s a great chance to pick one up.

While our Split Pad Compact review largely sang the controller’s praises, it’s not a perfect device. For one, it lacks rumble and motion controls. It also doesn’t support NFC or the IR camera. But despite those minor complaints, the Split Pad Compact is a stellar handheld gamepad that should fit the bill for almost every Switch owner.

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