The year has just started, and chances are, your PS5 or PC is groaning under the weight of all those new games you bought during multiple end-of-year sales. The good news is that a storage upgrade is both easy and affordable, as Samsung’s excellent 2TB SSD is on sale right now for the attractive price of $150. The catch here is that you’ll want to move fast because this deal ends at 10 PM PT today (1 AM ET on January 12).

Samsung 990 Pro SSD
Samsung 990 Pro SSD
  • Samsung 990 Pro 2TB SSD (Best Buy) — $150 ($220)
  • Samsung 990 Pro 2TB SSD (Amazon) — $150 ($220)
  • SSD Heatsink — $11 ($16)

This deal is for the Samsung 990 Pro NVMe SSD, a great little unit for storing your new game purchases on. It has sequential read/write speeds of up to 7,450/6,900 MB/s, so it’s more than capable of meeting Sony’s requirements for quick game boot-ups and keeping loading screens brief. This unit is approximately 40-55% faster than Samsung’s 980 Pro SSD, and if you’re looking for a boost to your productivity on PC, these are superb for handling heavy workloads video editing, 3D modeling, and more.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to purchase a heatsink to go with this SSD, but fortunately, these are quite cheap. You can score one on Amazon right now for under $12 by claiming the on-page coupon. As for the installation, these SSDs are pure plug-and-play if you’re planning to use it in a PC.

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