Super Mario RPG has yet to receive a discount at major retailers since launching earlier this month. That’s unsurprising, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to save on the remake of the classic RPG. You can save $10 by purchasing a brand-new copy from a highly rated seller on eBay. Both of the sellers with this offer have eBay’s Top Rated Plus badge and offer free shipping/returns. You’re also backed by eBay’s money-back guarantee. Hundreds of copies have already been purchased from these sellers, but it’s unclear how many copies each has–that’s why we’ve included links to both.

  • Super Mario RPG — $49.50 ($60)
  • Super Mario RPG — $50 ($60)

In case you missed it, Super Mario RPG is a very faithful remake of its 1996 source material. While you will find some quality-of-life changes here and a generally easier time, it’s almost the exact same game given a new coat of visual paint. That’s good news for anyone with dedicated muscle memory of the original Super Mario RPG, and the turn-based combat of this game has held up very well over the years.

“Super Mario RPG is one of the wildest games in Nintendo’s catalog. Loaded with eccentric characters like a Santa-esque big bad, random bouts of dark comedy–Toad cosplayers tickle as a form of torture and a four-eyed dog swallows you whole and comments on the taste–and moment-to-moment gameplay that is as raucous as it is eclectic, Super Mario RPG memorably capped off the SNES lifecycle,” Steven Petite wrote in GameSpot’s Super Mario RPG review. “Fittingly, the new Switch version is one of the weirdest remasters I’ve ever played. Its surface-level appearance as a modern Mario game is merely a facade. Relentlessly faithful to the original, Super Mario RPG is a bold and largely successful experiment.”

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