The Neo Geo MVSX from Unico is one of the best home arcade systems you can buy, coming with 50 classic Neo Geo games and a sleek cabinet design. Right now, the countertop system is on sale via an Amazon coupon, giving you the perfect opportunity to turn your basement or living room into the ultimate gaming destination.

Typically $500, the Neo Geo MVSX is on sale for $475 via the Amazon coupon. This coupon deal applies solely to the countertop-only option, though there are also options on the page for the system with various combinations of its base, riser, and chair. These allow you to play the system at a more-traditional arcade height, but you can easily set the countertop unit on an island or table and enjoy it for hours without any accessories.

Neo Geo MVSX
Neo Geo MVSX
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The MVSX comes pre-loaded with 50 games, all of which have save-state support. They include 10 King of Fighters games, six Metal Slug games, six Samurai Shodown games, eight Fatal Fury games, and a variety of other fighters, shooters, action games, and sports games. With the system’s two-player support and six-button control layout rather than the four-button layout on the original Neo Geo MVS, it’s perfect for customizing to each player’s liking, and the games come with home-console AES versions alongside the MVS versions.

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