Is there still a market for PlayStation’s first venture into the world of virtual reality? Possibly! With PlayStation VR 2 not having backward compatibility with the original PSVR library, Cyber Monday is a great time to grab the legacy headset and do some VR games preservation of your own. Sure, it’s a more cumbersome device than the Meta Quest or the HTC Vive, but at its current price, it’s not a bad way to check out VR for the first time.

  • PSVR headset — $65
  • PS4 Camera (New) — $40
  • PS4 Camera (Refurbished) — $30
  • PSVR Camera adapter for PS5 — $12 ($20)
PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR

At Amazon-affiliated company Woot, you can grab the original PSVR headset for $65, but you’ll also need to make certain that you have some other hardware to go with that purchase. If you’re planning to play on PS4, you’ll need the PS4 camera that is $40 at Woot ($30 for a refurbished model); On PS5, you’ll need the camera and the PSVR camera adapter. You can snag an adapter for only $12 at Amazon during Cyber Monday.

As a reminder, you can play PSVR games with the PS4 DualShock controller you probably already own. Alternatively, you can you use PlayStation’s Move motion controllers, which are available brand-new at Amazon for $49 or in refurbished condition for $40.

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