The Nintendo Switch rarely receives outright discounts, so we often have to look to bundle deals to get a bargain. And we just spotted a Nintendo Switch OLED bundle at eBay that’s worth a look. For $380, you’ll get the Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As a bonus, the bundle comes with a screen protector and a 16GB microSD card, though you’ll probably want to buy a card with a larger capacity.

Free four-day shipping is included with your purchase, as are 30-day returns.

This version of the Switch OLED Model features images from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The dock is glossy white with red and purple accents, while the Switch itself is matte black and carries similar red and purple accents on the back. It’s a good-looking special-edition device. Please note that it doesn’t come with a copy of Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, but you can save big on a double pack containing both games right now.

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