Looking for a project to keep you busy during these cool fall nights? Consider swinging by Amazon, as the retailer is slashing prices on tons of Nanoblock kits–including a handful from its Pokemon lineup. Many of these are entry-level kits anyone can build, but you’ll also find gigantic bundles composed of over 1,000 pieces.

If you want to start small, the Pokemon Electric Set is a great option. Currently on sale for just $23 (down from $36), it includes six Pokemon that stand just over an inch tall and require only a few steps to construct. This specific bundle includes Electric-type Pokemon, though bundles for Fire, Water, Normal, and Grass-type Pokemon are on sale, too.

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Pokemon Nanoblock sets aren’t the only kits seeing a price cut, with Amazon discounting a few My Hero Academia sets, such as the Izuku Midoriya kit for $13 (down from $18). One of the most complex kits is for the Nanoblock Dinosaur Deluxe Edition (Giganotosaurus), as it features 1,130 pieces, stands over five inches tall, and is discounted to just $26 right now.

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