Bill Watterson, the iconic cartoonist responsible for Calvin and Hobbes, released The Mysteries last month — his first new work in nearly three decades. And if you’ve already devoured the chilling book and are seeking refuge in Watterson’s old comics, you can pick up The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Box Set for $100 (down from $225).

This would make for a great gift for longtime fans of the beloved comic strip and those who want to introduce Watterson’s masterpiece to a new generation of readers. The adventures of Calvin and Hobbes remain as clever and enjoyable as they were back when you could find the boy and his tiger pal in every major newspaper.

If the hardcover version is too pricey, you can check out a paperback version for just $67.49 (down from $135). This volume features similar artwork and every single comic strip from the cartoon’s history, making it a great way to enjoy the iconic adventures without dropping too much cash.

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