Fans have two weeks until Stranger Things: The First Shadow opens in London, and tickets have been sold out for months. The previews hit a couple of weeks ago and for those who can’t make it, Netflix has released new promotional images for the show.

The show is written by Kate Telfry and directed by Stephen Daldry with co-director Justin Martin. Telfry, already an established writer and executive producer for the TV series, wrote the play based on a story by the Duffer brothers, Jack Thorne, and Telfry herself. Set in Hawkins in 1959, it tells the story of young Joyce, Hopper, and even Bob and the mysterious ties that bind them.

The First Shadow features Oscar Lloyd as Hopper, Isabella Pappas as Joyce, and Christopher Buckley as Bob Newby. Playing the mysterious Creel family are Louis McCartney as Henry Creel, Mike Jibson as Victor Creel, and Tony Award winner Lauren Ward as Virginia.

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