A year after its initial launch, Ghostwire: Tokyo is arriving on Xbox Series X|S tomorrow, April 12. It’s available to preorder for $60, but Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can play it at launch for no extra charge on Xbox, PC, or the cloud. If you’re a PS5 owner who hasn’t checked out Ghostwire: Tokyo, Amazon has an excellent deal on the Deluxe edition. You can grab this edition for just $34, which is more than 50% off its $80 retail price. Meanwhile, PC users can pick up a Steam key for only $17.51.

The Deluxe edition comes with the base game, Streetwear Outfit Pack, and Shinobi Outfit and Kunai Weapon.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo takes place in Shibuya, Japan, following a paranormal catastrophe where nearly every citizen has been transformed into a spirit–except for protagonist Akito. Using newly discovered ghost abilities, Akito is able to combat the evil spirits of Shibuya and work with the friendly ones, like the floating cats that maintain stores to purchase items.

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