Everyone’s favorite kaiju are back on the big screen, with Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire officially in theaters. This time around, the two giants are teaming up to fend off a mysterious threat lurking below the surface of the Earth–and while it’s getting mixed reviews, fans of either franchise should find much to love about the action-packed thriller. Like any good Hollywood blockbuster, The New Empire has heaps of merch up for grabs, including a stylish steelbook available for preorder at Walmart.

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Since Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire just hit theaters, the Walmart exclusive steelbook does not yet have a release date. Preorders are officially open, however, so consider reserving a copy for $35 if you’re worried it’ll sell out. Along with the limited-edition steelbook case, you’ll get a 4K copy of the film, along with an additional digital copy.

No special features are being advertised for the steelbook collection, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see special commentary and behind-the-scenes footage revealed when the product gets a firm release date.

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