Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 comes out soon, and while full reviews aren’t quite out yet, early viewers have expressed their thoughts on social media for the world to see. Overall, those who have seen the third installment in the series have expressed very positive opinions of the film, calling it an emotional send-off to a set of beloved characters.

On Twitter, Lily la Fourmi said that Guardians 3 was “a very complex story but it left me feeling awesome.” They said that “my heart is full and broken at the same time, it was a lot to process.” Digital Spy’s Ian Sandwell called the film “a brilliant end to a brilliant trilogy,” praising its humor and emotional storytelling. “Everybody gets their stand-out moment,” they wrote, “…yet the focus is right only telling a satisfying end for the Guardians. Gonna miss them.”

Emil Franchi said that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 “completes the perfect MCU trilogy,” and that it’s heartbreaking and hilarious.” They also said they rated the movie a 10/10. However, not everyone was universally positive. MovieZine’s Alexander Kardelo described the film as “Star Wars as a stoner comedy” and particularly praised Rocket Raccoon’s origin story. However, they also said that the film is a “6 or maybe a 7” because the film is too reminiscent of previous films in the MCU in its jokes and action.

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