It’s Star Wars Day, and if you’re looking to really flex how strong you are in the financial Force, then Hot Toys is all too happy to oblige. Like previous years, the Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer has a few new figures in development, which it showed off today. Inspired by The Clone Wars TV series, you can now preorder your very own Darth Sidious and Clone Trooper Commander Fox for your collection, with each one of these highly detailed action figures coming with its own selection of accessories.

For Darth Sidious–who bears a striking resemblance to Chancellor Palpatine–you get the Sith Lord in all his Order 66 glory. He features a newly developed head sculpt and a separate rolling eyeballs system–just like your accountant when you tell them of this purchase–a finely tailored outfit, dual lightsabers, sculpted hands with Force lightning effects, and a themed figure base. Like other Star Wars figures from Hot Toys, the lightsabers light up and come with interchangeable blades to simulate the effect of them being in motion.

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