Hot Toys has announced a new Spider-Man figure, and compared to the rest, this one is superior. It’s the Superior Spider-Man costume from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that’ll be swinging onto your shelf soon, and like the video incarnation of the webhead, this one is extra-armed and dangerous. It’s available to order at Sideshow for $285, and it’s expected to arrive by March 2025.

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Like other Spider-Man sixth-scale figures from the Video Game Masterpiece line, this release comes with several familiar accessories. You’ll get a variety of webs to place in Spidey’s hands, a slick display base, and several sets of hands to pop in and out depending on the pose you want him to strike. The game-inspired figure also has newly designed–and optional–metallic red spider pincers, while the suit itself is loaded with small details like asymmetric patterns and a black spider emblem.

This costume has a long history, as back during pre-production on the first Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man film, Alex Ross submitted several designs, including one snazzy number that could be unlocked as a bonus costume the film’s video game tie-in. The suit would eventually make its comic debut in 2012 and was worn by Spider-Man villain Otto Octavius after he successfully swapped his mind with Peter Parker, stealing his body and leaving the hero trapped in his original broken and dying body. Don’t worry; things worked themselves out in the end.

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