In today’s world of streaming and on-demand videos, Blu-rays and DVDs aren’t quite as in-demand, but they remain fairly pricey. It’s not uncommon for a complete collection to carry price tags north of $100, making it a costly endeavor to fill your home theater with films and TV shows. Things are a bit more manageable today, however, as you’ll find dozens of anime Blu-ray deals at Amazon–along with a few cheap DVDs.

Dragon Ball Z is a big part of the event, with a handful of films and TV collections up for grabs. One of the most enticing discounts is for Dragon Ball Z: Seasons 1-9 Collection, which is on sale for $98 (down from $125). So if you’ve ever wanted to check out the iconic series (or want the option to rewatch it at your leisure), consider giving it a closer look.

Other great anime Blu-ray deals include Attack on Titan: Part One for $18, down from $35, Hunter x Hunter: The Complete Series for $100, down from $150, and One Piece: Stampede for $12, down from $35.

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