The Xbox Store is hosting a big sale right now, and depending on your tastes, there’s probably something that’ll grab your eye and won’t cost too much. The platform has a number of great games that have received some steep discounts, ranging from action games bearing the Tom Clancy branding, outer space chills, and Mediterranean mayhem that’s hard to pass up.

In this big sale, there are quite a few gems here. Just Cause 4 and all of its DLC is worth $12 for some explosive fun, you can grab some classic sci-fi scares in Alien Isolation for just $10, and the best version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey is marked down to just $25. While Halloween is still several months away, you can grab some terrific horror games right now if you don’t mind spiking your heart rate.

The Callisto Protocol, which has received several substantial updates since it launched late last year, is now just $42 and Cult of the Lamb will teach you about sects and violence for just $16. If you’ve never commanded an army of adorable animal followers and sacrificed them to dark gods, can you truly say that you’ve lived?

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