When it comes to horror, few manga creators are as synonymous with the genre as Junji Ito. Arriving on the manga scene in 1987, Ito’s body of work is one of unsettling stories and nightmarish visuals that have inspired generations of artists and filmmakers over the decade. A master of his craft, each tale is a potent combination of uniquely grotesque visuals and sophisticated illustrations that lure you in and deliver a knockout blow of suspense and twists.

Sound like a good time? Then you’ll want to grab one of several collections of his work, which ranges from deeply creepy to what the hell when you read through them. Over at Amazon, you can grab a big discount on several of Ito’s most famous works, including deluxe (matching) hardcover editions of Uzumaki, Tomie, and Gyo.

Uzumaki is an absolute classic about a small town haunted by spirals. It deals with themes of paranoia and obsession, and Ito’s artistic talent shines in every disturbing panel. This story actually received a live-action adaptation several years after it was published, and a new animated adaptation is currently in development.

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