Insomniac is reportedly working on a third AAA game for PlayStation, alongside soon-to-be-released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and the upcoming Wolverine title. A newly surfaced interview with an Insomniac employee revealed that the game is in production. No other details about the game emerged.

Twitter account Dream_WaIker spotted the interview with project director Erin Eberhardt, along with three other game developers. Eberhardt worked at Sony on PlayStation Now and Blizzard at its esports division before making her way to Insomniac. The interview is from September 2022, but is now making the rounds on social media.

No concrete details about the project are stated. Push Square reported that Insomniac was hiring for a multiplayer game two years ago. Given Eberhardt’s esports experience, it’s possible that this project could be multiplayer-focused. Eberhardt did express lots of enthusiasm for working on the project. She said, “it feels really good to be back home to Sony. I feel like they really invest in their employees. They invest in our education. They invest in our wellbeing. They invest in our growth… I’m having a blast, even if I can’t talk about it.”

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