The Jack Ryan TV series wrapped up its fourth and final season last summer on Prime Video, and now the complete series is finally making its way to Blu-ray later this month. If you’re interested in reliving the action–or checking it out for the first time–you might want to consider reserving a copy, as preorders for the standard Blu-ray are currently discounted to just $50 (down from $60).

Jack Ryan was nominated for several awards during its run, largely due to its impressive special effects and excellent performance from John Krasinski. The show follows Krasinski (who stars as CIA agent, Jack Ryan) as he jumps around the globe to track down conspiracy theories and prevent foreign threats from escalating.

The complete series clocks in at nearly 25 hours–so if you’ve yet to check out the adventure, you’ll have plenty of content to binge with the discounted Blu-ray series. If you’re unsure about the series, you can pick up the first season for just $21 (down from $26). Alternatively, you can stream it on Prime Video.

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