It’s been more than 20 years since The Bourne Identity hit theaters, launching what would become an incredibly successful franchise spanning five films. The spy flicks are an easy recommendation to fans of movies like James Bond and Mission: Impossible, and right now Amazon is giving you a cheap way to watch (or relive) the entire series on 4K. The Bourne Complete Collection: 20th Anniversary Limited Edition is discounted to just $50, down from $130. Plus, you’ll get some cool bonuses to use for your Jason Bourne cosplay. Will you be mistaken as Jason Bourne? Not if this guy spots you.

That’s a ridiculous amount of content for just $50. This is also the lowest price ever for the bundle — most discounts rarely drop the collection under $100. If you don’t need all the extra goodies, you can find The Bourne Ultimate Collection (4K) for $36 (down from $70), which gets you all five movies and no collectibles.

There are plenty of other box sets and special-edition releases on sale at Amazon right now. Here’s a look at some other notable deals, including offers on similarly action-packed series like James Bond, John Wick, and Mission: Impossible.

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