Bloodborne fans have been clamoring for a PC release of the classic PS4 game for years, but it seems that the game’s developers have been playing it on that platform for a while now. Prolific Souls leaker Lance McDonald noticed that screenshots posted to the Bloodborne Fandom wiki were put there by a From Software employee who seemingly took them with a Windows build of the game.

As McDonald notes in the above tweet, the file name of the screenshot indicates that it was taken using the game’s debug camera in a Windows 64-bit build of the game. Said screenshot has existed on the game’s wiki for years now. Given the modern realities of game development, it’s not shocking that From Software has a build of the game that works on PC. Today’s video game consoles are essentially just PCs on a technological level. What is surprising here is that the screenshots are from the Fishing Hamlet, which is the last area of Bloodborne’s DLC. This indicates that the PC build is the finished retail release of the game, including The Old Hunters, and it’s existed for years now.

Of course, we don’t know how much work would have to be done to that PC build to get it into a releasable state, but that’s not really the point. As I wrote late last year, we know that From Software is more than capable of delivering more-than-acceptable PC versions of its games, it just seems that Bloodborne is doomed to remain on the PS4 for the foreseeable future. We can speculate on what those reasons are, but ultimately it’s out of our hands. That won’t stop hardcore Yharnam-heads like myself from crossing our fingers during every PlayStation Showcase or press event, but at a certain point, you know not to get your hopes up.

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