There are many game development engines out there, but Unity is arguably the most popular, especially among indie studios. However, Unity plans to change its pricing structure, including a new fee that charges a game’s developers and distributors whenever a player installs their game–meaning a small team selling their game for just a couple bucks could wind up owing Unity thousands of dollars if their game suddenly goes viral.

In response to these changes, many developers threaten to drop Unity–and in some cases even delete their existing games–should the changes go into effect, and instead swap to one of the many other game engines available. One such alternative is Godot, an open-source engine used to make recent indie hits like Halls of Torment and Cassette Beasts. Learning a new engine can take time and is often difficult, even for experienced developers, but Godot’s open-source nature and smaller community can make it even harder to pick up compared to Unreal or Unity. Luckily, a new Humble Bundle deal can help you learn Godot and create your first 2D and 3D games.

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Humble’s The Complete Godot Software Bundle includes up to 20 courses and resource packs created by Zenva. The lessons are designed around Godot version 3 and version 4 and are perfect for experienced developers and total newcomers looking to create. Some teach generalized game design topics, while others include walkthroughs focused on specific genres or engine functions. Normally, each course costs $50, but you can save hundreds of dollars by grabbing them all with this bundle.

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