Lego comes in all shapes and sizes, but for anyone looking to build something massive, then the new Lego Avengers Tower is not to be missed. Based on the Stark skyscraper that would eventually become the headquarters of Earth’s mightiest mortals, this building stands over 35 inches tall when completed and has over 5,000 pieces in its construction. The set just launched on Lego’s site for $500, and we’d expect it to sell out.

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You get multiple free gifts with your order as part of Lego’s Black Friday sale. This includes the Winter Market Stall (271 pieces), Majisto’s Magical Workshop (365 pieces), and Lego Marvel Taxi (150 pieces). The Marvel Taxi is exclusive to Lego Insiders, which is a free rewards program.

Just be aware that you may have to wait in a queue before being able to purchase the set. Alongside the release of Lego Avengers Tower, the Lego Store kicked off its Black Friday sale, which has led to influx of Lego enthusiasts looking for deals. Standout offers in the Black Friday sale include the Razor Crest ship (6,187 pieces) from Star Wars: The Mandalorian for $420 (was $600) and the very cool Loop Coaster set (3,756 pieces) for $300 (was $400). Plus, the Lion Knights’ Castle (4,514 pieces), a Lego Icons set, is on sale for $300 (was $400).

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